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Shop Owner: Ryuju Kitajima

Born in Osaka Prefecture in 1983, Ryuju Kitajima is an artist who focuses on the theme of "how to record things that remain and things that disappear." He creates works that examine everyday life histories and the history of food culture, often from perspectives such as folklore studies, religious studies, philosophy, and cultural anthropology.


He is both a self-taught researcher and a chef. In July 2022, he established his own studio, "Neutral," in Shichiku, Kyoto City, North Ward, and from November of the following year, 2023, he also opened the same studio as a weekend restaurant. Named with the desire to be in the middle of everything, this place aims to function as a meeting place for various people and cultures through food, becoming a sanctuary for people's hearts, striving to be a utopia.


Open Days: Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Lunch: 12:00 - 14:00 (Last entry at 13:00)

Dinner: 18:00 - 22:00 (Last entry at 19:30)

A neutral place, space, and time.


 6,000 yen

This is a short course available only during lunchtime, consisting of approximately 5 dishes.

 15,000 yen

This is the basic course available for both lunch and dinner, comprising 10 to 12 dishes.


Please see more details here.


In the special course, you can enjoy an upgraded version of seasonal ingredients used in the chef's selections.

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