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Mandala is a depiction of the truth and teachings of things that cannot be expressed by words alone. For the preaching represents the word "Kengyo (Kengyo)", is esoteric Buddhism that went preached in the representation of non-word.

It spread as a sect of Mahayana Buddhism born from Buddhism that Buddha opened in ancient India, and Kukai developed as Shingon Esoteric Buddhism from India through China.


"Toji" is the first esoteric Buddhist temple in Japan that was born when Kukai was entrusted by Emperor Saga to spread the esoteric Buddhism brought back from China.

At the esoteric Buddhist temple, "Taizoukai Mandala" is enshrined on the east side of the principal image and "Kongokai Mandala" is enshrined on the west side . These two mandalas are collectively called "Ryokai Mandala" .


In the world of Buddhism, the elements that make up the universe are considered to be made up of the five (five majors) of "earth, water, fire, wind, and sky". I call it.

"Mandala of the Fetal World" is a preaching of the five majors (material world), and is also called "Rimanchara". "Kongokai Mandala" is a preaching of the five majors, trying to recognize the five majors. It is also called the Chi Mandala because it is a mandala born from the work of the mind (intellect) .

" Mandala of the Two Worlds" expresses that "five majors" and "knowledge college" are contrasting and at the same time originally one (Kontai Richi Fuji).

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