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会場 Millet(京都市左京区静原町)

Whenever I receive various inspirations from my daily life, I always search between the "things" and "events."

Since we were born on this earth, we have faced all the nature that exists on the earth, but it may be more appropriate to resist rather than face it. And in the history of mankind, I think that people have left a number of scratches from this "resistance."

For example, earthenware can be touched as a tangible thing that decays or changes over time, trying to leave its mark even after a long time, and sometimes unintended accidental products are produced by one's own hands. I think the same when I created it.

Is this natural or is it due to human hands? I'm so attracted to something that is somewhere between nature and people who don't know if it's omission or act, and when something flashes, I wonder if it's conscious or unconscious. ..

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